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The "Turtle Method"

Last night [cough, this morning] I slept like a baby. After a series of unexpected events and helpful conversations, I went home and sat with myself for a bit, lying on my bed face up and staring at the ceiling while I talk out loud to an invisible party, attempting to work through the feelings I have which I don't understand, I call this the "turtle method". Over the last few weeks I've been struggling with a very particular area of my life where I have committed to a shitload of responsibilities, an area in which I am sensing backlash/judgment/dissent, etc. Things like gossip, outright argument and possibly sabotage (honestly that last one could be paranoia, but...) and the result has been my preoccupation with who is saying what and why and blah blah blah. I used to be so good at not giving a fuck and now, well with this, not so much. But this morning [cough, afternoon] I feel light again, presumably as a result of the turtle method? Whatever the reason, I just hope it lasts.

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