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Welcome to our weekly podcast featuring crowdsourced sex audio and unedited interviews with ordinary people and former sexual partners!

Our goal is to change the way we think and talk about sex through uncensored exposure to all manners of sexual communication. We want to inspire you to ask for what you want, convey your boundaries, express consent and embrace all of your dirtiest fantasies. Our hope is this project changes conversations, perspectives, even the world…

This is a judgment- and shame-free zone! WELCOME.

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Want to participate?

100% anonymity is maintained unless otherwise authorized… your identity will never be revealed during any type of participation unless you would like it to be.

We are looking for:

  • Interviewees — Interested in being on the podcast?We are always looking for individuals and sets of sexual partners to interview (you just have to be willing to speak openly and honestly about your sex life)

  • Audio Recordings — Submit your own filthy recordings! We are always looking for submissions of recorded sex sounds, be it masturbation or partner/group sex (.wav, .mp3, .m4a)

Send us a message and let us know what you’re interested in!

Recording audio submissions

Interested in submitting an audio recording of some sexual activity? Here are some tips for creating a good file:

  • Use the voice memo app on your smartphone or, a digital voice recorder

  • Record in a silent space — NO background music please

  • Be as vocal as possible [explicit consent is sexy! dirty talk is even sexier!]

  • DON’T PERFORM FOR THE MICROPHONE, we want the honest experience

  • Please don’t edit — if shit is awkward, great! If there are long silences, we can edit those out. Just be real and open and it will be PERFECT

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