Journey Of A Sex Podcast, III

IT’S HAPPENING!!! And I’m Losing My Damn Mind

Photo by    Tim Gouw    on    Unsplash   , text by    Brianne McGuire

Photo by Tim Gouw on Unsplash, text by Brianne McGuire

As of this moment (1/31/19), one full-length episode has been edited, produced and published; a second “QUICKIE” episode featuring sex audio will hit tomorrow evening… You can check out the podcast page now and bookmark it for later. It will be headquarters for available episodes, show notes, contact details for participation, recording tips and background info about why I’m even pursuing this crazy project if you happen to be reading this without having read any of the previous to entries in this series.

To catch you up on the happenings since last week… I’ve recorded three additional interviews, received a few more audio submissions and have arrangements for several more in the coming month. I joined a fetish app hoping to find more volunteers but it turned out to be just a hotbed of crazy assholes treating the space like kinky Tinder and thus not too useful. So far I have had two [comparatively] normal guys ask for links to episodes so there is that. Also this past week, since I am a gold-medal procrastinator, I have spent each waking hour audio editing and finalizing the podcast series artwork/branding. Subsequently I feel as though I’ve lost my mind and even missed a couple of deadlines attempting to accommodate this new workload.

In my waiting-till-the-last-minute manic state, I have fully confirmed my ineptitude at audio editing and even fucked up a couple of important files. Oh and I discovered that my recording setup using two separate USB mics actually just loads into the same track with different volume levels so I basically fucked myself with all my at-home recordings. Here I thought the Skype interviews were going to be the crappy ones…

And! Just a few minutes ago, the subject of episode 1 started getting cold feet and is now “sitting with the fact” that his episode is out there. Dear God.

All right, more follow up: original subject has pulled out entirely and I just pulled a new first episode out of my ass.

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