our mission

be comfortable with the uncomfortable


Imagine if it was common for people to speak openly about sex, emotions, illness, race, gender, debt, abuse…

Imagine if we let go of the fear of being vulnerable and became stronger

Imagine if sharing our stories helped others

Imagine if we knew we were not alone


GRAPHICPAINT is here to make these imaginings a reality. We are committed to providing honest accounts of life, from the explicit to the agonizing. We believe in the unifying power of truth and promote uncensored content in all forms.

We want your photos, videos, audio recordings and written prose. We want the stuff too dirty for social media, too honest for your friends and family, too painful to hold onto…

how graphicpaint began

Founder, Brianne McGuire

I’ve been highly sexual since I can remember; there is no starting point in my memory, it was just always there. As I got older and began exploring different opportunities, my inclination to discuss and engage in sex openly grew accordingly. In college I designed lines of sex furniture, after graduation I crowdsourced a sex zine called ArtPorn; that project is what evolved over the years into a vision for a media hub that depicted sex and lifestyle content side by side. My vision was a space for content that normalized sex and everything about it.

For a long time I backburnered this dream to be a working stiff; now that I am free from corporate America, I am free to make this vision my profession and so I am. GRAPHICPAINT is currently being rebuilt behind the scenes to more easily support crowdsourced video, audio, photo and written content that captures real life sex experiences and visions. With the unfortunate censorship in social media, people need a place to see and be seen, to feel heard, to feel normal about what they may think is perverse.

People are afraid to talk about sex; they may not fear having it or exploring fantasies, but they don’t talk about these things openly. That fear creates shame and secrecy and affects our abilities to manage both consent and pleasure. Through the work on this site and the explorations of our podcast, I’m seeking to recontextualize and increase exposure to sex for the purpose of solving this problem. I believe that if I can provide the platform for honest media, that a strong and diverse community of people will emerge who feel empowered to share openly about all aspects of life. This community will in turn inspire the world.