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We are a platform for uncensored media


We want your photos, videos, audio recordings and written prose. We want the stuff too dirty for social media, too honest for your friends and family, too painful to hold onto…


Since January 2018, GRAPHICPAINT has been an independent, unfiltered voice of human experience but we need your help to stay that way!

Your financial support will go towards our expenses and serve as an investment in new ventures and media experiments.

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what we’re working on

PHASE I (in development)

An App
social media minus censorship plus new ways of filtering content;
sick of getting into IG jail? yeah me too so fuck that shit let’s make our own

Build out new website
advanced sorting options, submission portal and revenue model for contributors


Phase II

Publishing imprint
(web and print) working on a project and need sponsorship/design/production help?
let us publish you

Subscription-only content

(screenings, presentations, happenings, immersive experiences, gatherings, ???)

Stuff for sale
zines, downloads, t-shirts? everyone does t-shirts we should do t-shirts

IRL workshops
(visit > make > share)

Production resources
(audio, video, physical)

Training sessions
(virtual and IRL) for equipment and software

Do you have an idea? Some piece of media to share?

Photo by    Valentin Salja    on    Unsplash