Episode 45: Making The Anal Sex

Yay! Audio porn!!!! Welcome to a lovely recording of a couple having anal sex! AND THEN all the practical tips for butt stuff you could ever want!

Seriously, after the deliciously dirty audio, I share all the ins and outs and dos and don’ts of playing with the butt. Hygiene, prep, setting, mindset, props, etc…

But, let’s not ignore some important lessons from the recording:
Ask first: can I put my finger in your ass?
Start small: fingers!
Check in with your partner about their comfort and pleasure: do you like that? does that feel good?
Give feedback: wait, that burns, harder please
Mix it up: blow job for one, finger up the bum for the other
Positive reinforcement: that feels so fucking good, you take it so well

Among my tips and tricks, I talk about the A-spot, a wonderful cluster of nerves present in female bodies. And if you’d like to know a bit more about the anatomy stuff and how to stimulate the area, here are two handy articles:
How To Have Butt Orgasms

All About The A-Spot