Episode 44: [QUICKIE] How I Got Off 6/24 - 6/30

Soooo, I’ve got some lingering embarrassment over the emotions I shared in last week’s [QUICKIE] but it was the truth so I went with it. Anyway!

I wouldn’t go so far as to say my dryspell is over, but I did get off once… Sheer force of will? I think I was so put off by my own wallowing and emotions during the weeks before, that I did it out of pure determination.

This last session was porn-free; I got my mind right by thinking about being manhandled by two different people at once. I used my usual toys: a cordless Magic Wand and the Tiger insertable vibrator. Compared to the last time, the orgasm I had this past week was much more powerful than the week before. I think it was a combination of intention but also allowing the vibration of the Tiger to really do its part. I drew it out a bit and then when the blood was flowing and my breathe getting heavy, I switched from slow and deep penetration to quick and more shallow pumping. After doing that for a few seconds, I remembered it vibrated (it had been turned off until that moment). Once I pushed that button, the combination of the internal rumbling with the faster in-and-out motion just pushed me over the edge and I finally had that deep, internal orgasm I was hoping for the last time.

Will this upcoming week surprise me? After all, the only plans I have so far are to discuss a client’s website design — not the sexiest summer holiday plan! We’ll see, wish me luck ;)

Cordless Magic Wand
Tiger Vibe G5