Episode 43: Feet And FemDoms

An interview with Shane, another friend found on FetLife. Shane is into feet and femdoms and was an absolute delight to speak with. We talk about how is interests developed, his struggles with acting upon them and how family and culture have influenced his identity and sexuality.

First off, how did his foot fetish begin, and how do you act upon it? Does it combine with femdom interest? Like, pain applied by feet? Being stepped on? How far do you go?

Next we talk about intercourse and how often it comes into the picture. Also, how soon do his interests come up with new women? Does he speak about these things with friends?

Shane feels his culture, and black men especially, are pretty close-lipped and judgmental about sexuality; that there’s a perception of weakness, especially re: femdom stuff. Does Shane believe he is weak as a result of this? No! He believes it's therapeutic, a taking back of the power dynamic…

How and when did he find out about sex? Not from his grandparents, who raised him and sound completely asexual. Shane feels like a black sheep, like he developed the way he did in opposition to the repression around him.

What about race… preference or fetish? Does he use race keywords in porn searches?

We finish up by discussing his social comfort level with his interests, frustration with current circumstances and experiences using professionals to engage in his kinks.

Shane was one of the most entertaining and sweet guests I’ve spoken with yet, and you can speak with him too! He lives in Indiana and can be found on FetLife, username: US_AGENT

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