Episode 46: [QUICKIE] How I Got Off 7/1 - 7/7/19

I was really trying to make masturbation a part of my daily self-care practice but only managed to get off three times this week; the weather and period cramps got the better of me. Pretty uneventful play: once with just toys (decent orgasm; this was following my attempt to make myself squirt so the play was longer than usual thus bigger buildup thus bigger orgasm), once with just porn (SO quick, so very meh) and once with porn and toys (convulsions but nothing special).

Early in the week I did an interview with a woman I consider to be a bit of a squirting expert and she had very specific recommendations for how I could make myself squirt, which is why I was focused on that for beat-off round #1. I probably got closer than I had before, judging by the sensation I achieved, but alas nothing. I couldn’t quite achieve orgasm with that specific type of motion and focus and I think trying so hard didn’t help matters. I finally switched to just trying to get off and that worked out much better.

In all honesty, while I REALLY want to squirt, I don’t want to be the one to make it happen. I want someone else to drive it out of me! Not only because the mental part is just too out of whack with where I prefer to be when I masturbate, but because I’d like it to be a bit of a surprise. And a bit of a challenge to whoever the ‘someone else’ may be. Anyway, goals!

Aside from beating off, I was supposed to watch a couple have sex over Skype on Saturday night but we needed to reschedule for tomorrow. I assume I’ll participate in sexytimes in some way when it happens but I don’t want to plan too much, would rather just see how it all shakes out.

In other news, I’ve decided to stop taking birth control so we’ll see if my mood and weight improve at all without the addition of bullshit synthetic hormone crap in my system!

Also, it’s really fucking hot where I live, and not just hot, but oppressively humid. Is anyone fucking in this weather? Kudos to you if ya are.

Porn I watched:
Amateur wife-sharing MMF thing
Japanese big tit porn