Episode 47: Making Convo With The Manwhore

Interview with Billy Procida, stand-up comic and host of The Manwhore Podcast

How is his “quest for love” working out? Apparently not so well because his partners always want to keep it casual and not explore a relationship with him. Is it his personality? Is he bad at dating? Why do women not want to date him but are happy to screw him? He thinks it is mostly just bad timing.

How about his orientation? Straight but identifies more as “coming out as something else in the next five years.”

As an aside, if a woman was describing his dating situation it would be labeled as a series of “he’s just not into you” situations; is this different for him as a guy?

Has he ever had a long-term relationship? Eh — 22 months is the longest so far. He started kind of late, having sex for the first time at 18. Part of it may be that he gives more than he asks for, or because he is open about being non-monogamous. He does not believe it’s a product of “hookup culture” nor does he feels he just “hooks up” with women. He takes interactions seriously but just prefers to do it with multiple people. Except for right now! He’s actually too busy for relationships at this very moment.

What led to him being non-monogamous? Turns out he found out about it relatively young and it just made sense to him; it seemed natural that loving a person might overlap with loving another person. Then — he wound up randomly meeting a former swinger in person and that helped legitimize his feelings. Plus some Ryan Reynolds movie, “Definitely, Maybe.” All these things also contributed to him being as comfortable as he is speaking so openly about sex.

We speak about how a person’s openness inspires openness in others… this is how communities form! How self acceptance spreads!

Backing up a bit, why did it take so long for him to have sex? Well, he had no idea how to speak to women but mostly, he was bullied quite a bit. He learned, not from family, but mostly porn, the internet, common sense, and later from sexual experiences with women who told him matter of factly what to do and how.

About porn… what was he watching back in the day? What does he look at now?

About body image, weight, etc… his struggles, his acceptance, his wins. He shares about the specific struggles of having body issues as a dude and the lack of body positivity campaigns out there directed at men. How does his body image affect his sex and dating life?

More about porn! Does body image affect his selections or experience? Does he make his own? What about the porn you said you were in? [Teen BJ II]

What’s left to try? Pegging! Also receiving attention from a lot of women at once.

Speaking of butt stuff… how much butt stuff has he done?? He uses lots of toys but this one sounds like the most fun: the Motor Bunny.