Episode 48: [QUICKIE] How I Got Off 7/8 - 7/14/19

Toys, toys, toys and some exciting extracurricular activities…

So, I watched a couple have sex on Skype Tuesday… I went into it thinking that the experience wouldn’t be much different from watching porn but it really was. It was very surprising how affecting it can be just being able to communicate in real time with the “performers.” Going into it, I wasn’t certain that I would masturbate while I watched, but in preparation for the video call, I was asked to at least be naked so that really set the odds in favor of my beating off.

I arrived sans clothes as requested, prepared with my two vibrators and lube just in case I felt moved to act. Turns out the other lady had the same cordless Magic Wand at the ready so that was a fun moment of recognition. I don’t suffer from much self consciousness in such circumstances so once the couple began going at it, so did I.

Another surprise was how envious I became of sex they were having, which was of the anal variety btw. I was sitting there, casually using the wand and my Tiger vibrating dildo and wishing I was the one getting fucked in the ass… sigh. Anyway, my envy inspired me to use a third toy, a slim curvy thing, up my ass as a consolation. Eventually I was worked up enough that I put the Tiger up my ass instead and had a self-produced anal [A-spot?] orgasm for the first time in ages.

Thursday was the first shoot of the “Growers vs. Showers” series. The gentleman arrived and we chatted to establish a base comfort level. We moved into my bedroom and began shooting the pre-arousal, flaccid pics. My model had sent me a selection of porn links so I put on a few of the clips and began shooting images of the “during;” pics of him stroking and then the resulting erection.

I really didn’t know what to expect but I anticipated the possibility of getting aroused which didn’t actually happen. I was so focused on the images and the lighting, etc. that no other thoughts had space to exist. I finally understood how professional photographers can manage to shoot nude models for erotic shoots without getting distracted! Anyway, more shoots to come so we’ll see if this is the case every time.

Aside from those excitements, I beat off with toys on two additional occasions — pretty standard fare. The only new development was maybe last night’s session when I stroked and pulled my own nipples, imagining of course it was being done by someone else. Generally I stick to imagining that act or watching it, not attempting to do it myself because it’s so apparent that it’s me, the knowledge of which pretty much kills the joy.

More to come next week!

”The anal toy” except it’s NOT an anal toy [aka The Silky G]
Cordless Magic Wand
Tiger Vibe G5