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Episode 15: Polyamory And Rope Play

An interview with three members of a polyamorous relationship who engage in rope bondage (some more than others...) Ray (@ten.against) / Cam (@notcamdamage) / Brad (@eatyourkids)

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Episode 2: [QUICKIE] Pussy Worship Audio

The first "QUICKIE”: an audio recording of a volunteer I met on FetLife orally worshipping the pussy of some lucky lady. She comes pretty fast hence why this clip constitutes a QUICKIE. To round out the episode, I chime in afterward to reflect on how I got off this past week [recorded from my bed!].

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Episode 1: BDSM And Modesty

An interview with an old friend and former fetish wear model turned modest dresser. We discuss her history with the BDSM community, our private sexual interests and how outward appearance may or may not correlate to sexual habits and attitudes. And at the very end we dabble a bit into some taboo conversation about the complicated nature of lingering attractions to men accused of sexual assault.

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