Episode 34: [QUICKIE] How I Got Off 5/19 - 5/25/19


Well I certainly wound up beating off more this week than last. It did help that I’ve been using the recorded audio from some one-on-one sessions as episode material because that led to reliving the events which led to sexy thoughts which led to communication with the parties which led to more sexy thoughts and on and on.

Also there was porn again! I did watch some gangbang stuff as I had planned, but only one clip. There was one scene in particular where this group of guys picks the girl up and they’re all groping her while she’s held in the air — that was pretty amazing. However! It was one of those clips driven by the premise of a bunch of well-hung black guys and a [surprise!] blond white girl. The racial aspect turned me off and I didn’t finish the clip or search for much more beyond scrolling through the rest of my “recommended” feed. Whatever, I’d already gotten off and the clip was too long anyway.

Basically this week was toys toys toys and lots of lusty musings while in transit or attending events not conducive to masturbation. The exception was last night, when I got in a quick session which I recorded for the sake of Masturbation Month; I don’t know if the pressure of the mic got to me or what, but the toys weren’t cutting it and I relapsed on two porn clips I’ve watched a million times. Also, the vibrator dildo died midway so that did impact the effectiveness of the toys. As it turns out, the Tiger toy is quite effective in it’s own way and I really miss it when it cuts out.

Also! There was another cybersex encounter. My ol’ cuckhold buddy across the border talked me through to a pretty satisfying orgasm, the two of us role playing a MMF threesome situation where he’s doing cleanup and servicing me in various ways while I enjoy the much larger cock of the other guy. It was a lot of fun and he has a great voice. Unfortunately he is still working up the nerve to allow me to use our interactions as episodic material but someday…

Here are the links from this week…
Interracial gangbang with the superhot lifted groping scene
ohmygod why is this clip so short [relapse video 1]
I legit wish I was this girl when I watch this, and the choking! Ahh so hot [relapse video 2]

Vibrating dildo
Cordless Magic Wand