Episode 7: Interview 1_Playing With "The Brit"

Show notes:

Heyyy, remember that guy who dommed his wife in Episode 3? We’ve been Skyping and writing and chatting and playing… This interview is where it all began.

  • He asks me how I want him to play with me, what are my expectations?

  • He tells me how he is as a dom and in real life

  • I get some interview questions in…

    • Mostly about his sub wife and how he found her, etc..

  • He shares his dom history

    • His involvement in “the scene” vs. his wife

    • How he plays with other women on the internet

  • We discuss trust vs. power

    • Plus general thoughts on how BDSM exchanges work

  • He gives me some dom tips

  • I tell him my experience as a sub

    • And that I’m really a switch

    • In fact, more so a “brat”

  • “The Brit” is a feminist!

  • I share what I find arousing about BDSM

  • He shares what he is interested in doing with me specifically

  • We hammer out some details about what our [first?] play session will involve

  • We discuss the psychological aspect given the audio-only nature of what we have agreed to

  • We make a date to play