Episode 11: Chatting With Fellow Lady Pervert, "Girl On The Net"

Interview with “Girl On The Net” — sex blogger, author, pervert

  • What inspired me to reach out to this lady

  • On being a woman with a strong interest in sex

  • The effect of sex-drive stereotypes on men and women

  • “Sex blogger, author, pervert” — pervert eh?

  • How you start creating audio porn?

  • Some appreciation for men making a lot of reactive noise in porn/during sex

  • The intimacy of listening to sex

  • Visual vs. audio porn

  • More appreciation for male vocalization during sex

  • On making audio recordings of sexual activity

  • On relationships and remaining kinky with a long-term partner

  • The value of communicating openly about sex

  • On sexual addiction; the accusation, the implication, general thoughts

  • Choice to be anonymous in the internet sex space vs. not