Episode 15: Polyamory And Rope Play

Show notes:

An interview with three members of a polyamorous relationship who engage in rope bondage (some more than others...)

Members: Ray (@ten.against) / Cam (@notcamdamage) / Brad (@eatyourkids)

  • First, the confusing semantics of relationship labels: triad / not triad / polycule / ???

  • What is each person’s role in the relationship? Whose dominant or sub and when / how?

  • Is your relationship a BDSM relationship?

  • What are the logistics of your polyamory, i.e., who sleeps and plays with whom? What are the challenges?

  • What is the purpose of rope play for each of you? Is it therapeutic? Sexual? Spiritual?

  • How often does your fetish play lead to sex?

  • What else gets you off sexually?

  • Do the roles in your relationship affect how you communicate with each other?

  • How do you communicate about sex stuff versus life stuff?

  • What do you think generated your interest in kink / BDSM / bondage?

  • How did your relationship come to be?

  • What is the purpose of marriage between Cam & Brad?

  • What projects do you have coming up?

  • Is Brad ever a cuckhold?

  • Oh yeah! Ray and Cam have promised to record some audio of impact play for our listening enjoyment - stay tuned for that!