Episode 16: [QUICKIE] How I Got Off 3/17 - 3/23/19

Show notes:

  • Sunday: I slept with a real-life person! #55 on my list, a.k.a., “Carlos”

    • An underwhelming start to the week

    • This encounter was a long time coming - #55 is someone I found on FetLife and had been communicating with since mid-January

    • We did a pre-interview before having sex; the recordings from the pre-interview and the sex will appear in later full-length episodes

  • Thursday: masturbated successfully with toys

    • Still using my disappointing [broken] g-spot vibrator as a dildo in combo with Magic Wand

    • This week’s mission is to buy new toys in person at Babeland [they’re also online]

  • Saturday: masturbated unsuccessfully with toys and then successfully with porn (very boring-because-they’re-so-typical choices fyi)