Episode 17: Barebacking With No. 54, Part 2 [With Anal]

Show notes:


Part 2 of the 2.5-hour fuck session started in Episode 9. It’s hot, try not to get pregnant when you listen to it.

***PLEASE NOTE: I only barebacked with this guy because we both got tested beforehand - he even had his papers like a good boy. I believe strongly in safe sex and only bareback under circumstances like those I’ve just described.***

  • Foreplay with fellatio and rimming (me to him)

  • He threatens to fuck my ass

  • There’s some deep vaginal fucking

  • More rimming (him to me)

  • We lube up for anal sex

  • I bring in my Magic Wand to assist with the accommodation of his generously sized cock

  • We have the anal sex