Episode 57: Straight Talk With A Bisexual Man

I finally get to sit down with a bi man who is more than happy to openly discuss all the ins and outs of his sexual practice, history and experience, hallelujah! Consider this a contribution to the [bullshit] #analaugust as we talk a lot about butt fucking — you’re welcome ;)

There’s so much to discuss, how it started, how he meets people, who he dates, how he dates, what he fantasizes about, porn, group sex, physical ideals…

We also discuss the ridiculous stigma of bisexuality in men versus bisexuality in women; one being majorly taboo and the other almost an expectation.

My interviewee, “B,” is very open about his early sexual experiences and current preferences and how these things have influenced his identity. We discuss the validity of the old line from “Sex and the City,” ‘Is bisexuality just a layover on the way to gaytown?’ We think not and discuss all the reasons why.

I had the privilege of recording this discussion after photographing “B” for the soon-to-be-published “Growers vs. Showers” series so it was a full day! Enjoy…

Oh! And here’s that pegging piece I mentioned: “She Wanted To Peg Me”

Oh Oh! If you are male/male-identifying and bisexual, bicurious or similar and you are local to NYC, please reach out if you would be interested in participating in an in-person roundtable discussion on this topic — email me at sex@graphicpaint.com with something about bisexuality in the subject line and we can go from there!