Episode 38: [QUICKIE] How I Got Off 6/2 - 6/8/19

Fuckkkkkk meeee! I only came once this week!

But as long as this project is about communication, I figured I’d tell you about a shitty date and the shitty shit leading up to it and the shitty shit that came after. Also, about a series of failed attempts at a date and general scheduling woes…

To sum up the lesson from both the shitty date and the failed, attempted date: LISTEN TO THE UNIVERSE. If something is a struggle, LET THAT SHIT GO. Friction, rejection, etc., these things are generally indications that something is not the right thing. Save yourself the wasted time and pain and pay attention! Oprah says this too so you know the advice is good.

Anyway! Till next week my dears…

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