Episode 39: Love, Burlesque And Anal Sex

A conversation with perhaps the most romantic, sex-positive couple I've ever known, Brendan and Erika. We talk about all the stuffs and they are each so open and enthusiastic and so at ease sharing all the juicy details that I just know you'll enjoy every minute.

Some highlights!

Vaginal vs. anal sex — they now almost exclusively have anal sex and share a wealth of tips and insight into how they make it a great shared experience…

Brendan and Erika met in the burlesque world and we talk about the inherit sex and body positivity that comes with the territory along with the effect of being a burlesque performer on one’s sexuality.

What it’s like for two sexually open people to exist in a world that doesn’t share their approach and how their openness developed. Being the ice-breaker in the social group…

Thoughts on marriage and what makes a relationship good and healthy. Also, specifics on the communication during sex, verbal role playing and trust.

Frequency of sex / masturbation — they have sex every day, but how often do they beat off?

These two are maybe poly-light? Some talk on the struggles of juggling multiple partners.

Speaking of multiple partners, what is it like to attend your first orgy / sex party? Some helpful tips like, go just intending to scout!

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