Episode 36: [QUICKIE] How I Got Off 5/26 - 6/1/19

Up until yesterday, this episode was set to be about 5 minutes because ABSOLUTELY NOTHING HAPPENED.

So what turned the tide? Well first of all I was busy and cranky all fucking week; I someone cancel last minute and then another just completely blow me off with no apology or explanation. Aside from those irritations, this has just been a very legwork-heavy 7 days. Lots of reaching out and following up and planning and recording, etc… I felt drained every single day and not all interested in “rubbing one out.” And then — I was back in contact with a younger gentleman I met several years ago (the friend of an ex) and he’s been trying to get together and with very filthy intentions. Well young sir started getting real explicit and it got my mind going and then my body going and then Saturday afternoon I’m beating off in bed watching clips of cunnilingus.

It started with a repost on Instagram of a new “Must Have Big Dick And Thick Skin” graphic to which he messaged and asked if it was an invitation to submit. Of course I said yes! He sent 3 pics of a pretty good size dick, nothing gigantic but a solid entry.

The pics were shortly followed by:
“I got tested last Friday also I’m negative for everything. So let’s fuck pls [kissy face emoji].

“At least let me eat your ass?
Thank you.
[I said he had a nice dick]
It’s better in person. [winky face emoji].

AND THEN we were texting and he sent:
“For reals tho. Like I do really want to fuck you and shove my face in your crotch but I also want to hang out as friends and not think about just sex.
I’m a perv and a lot of stuff I say is related about sex. But I wanna chill with you as a person…
Sit on my face please.”

All this talk of faces in crotches! My crotch specifically! Ahhh what’s a girl to do!!! To clarify, this guy is very attractive — banging body, beautiful face, sweeeeeet personality — pretty full package AND we already know each other as people. Anyway, I actually laid down fantasizing about being manhandled by two men at once but there was some pussy licking stuff that came up in my feed and I just went with it.

And now I can’t stop thinking about his mouth on my clit…

The end.

Porn links!
The threesome I started with but quickly turned off because meh, whatevs

An accidental click / Threesome action. The music in this one ohmygod!

Another threesome — fully intended to watch this but got distracted by the pussy licking clips that appeared in my feed below it…

***HOLY SHIT! BEST PUSSY LICKING EVER! Check out the move at 1:25 time marker ***

Good rimming, rubbing, pussy licking, etc!