Episode 28: [QUICKIE] How I Got Off 4/28 - 5/4/19

It was a slooooooowww week folks.

Sunday or Monday I beat off trying to get to sleep, was especially difficult and turned to porn to finish the job [see clips below]. I was already close with the toys so it took very little, hence only two clips and not very exciting clips at that.

Thursday > I had an interview scheduled with one of the male attendees from the party but he didn’t tell me until he arrived that he required some sort of vocal distortion in order to feel comfortable. While that issue and capability gets resolved [we rainchecked for two weeks from now], he started masturbating, which I recorded and also eventually acted in kind.

Friday > I beat off with toys, easy peasy.

Saturday > #54 has been lab-test cleared for sex service [you may remember him from Episode 9 and Episode 17] and upon learning this news, I attempted to quickly cobble together some male/male group sex. It didn’t pan out. Nevertheless, we will be playing together soon.

Porn links!
This girl is cute and I like the POV of the clip

Same girl. Also, reverse psychology saying it’s not a pornographic video? It is more of a screen test but again, the POV worked for me.