Episode 26: [QUICKIE] How I Got Off 4/21 - 4/27/19

Two one-on-one sessions!!! 1) Spontaneously on Monday I was texting with one of the party attendees, the self-labeled heteroflexible one, and we made impulsive plans for him to come by in the late afternoon after our texting got a bit hot and heavy. Turns out we were both thinking about the possibility of a MM group sex situation and so we went into some of those details… Once we were in the same room, we went into more details and helped each other get off. 2) The other male party attendee happened to text me that same Monday with the proposal that we also get together for a one-on-one masturbation jam but for the purpose of recording so I could use it in the podcast, that happened Thursday. Again, we helped each other get off but no sex was had. This time, less about describing an alternate fantasy but touching each other in ways that both got us off as well as the other person.

Then I ran into #54 in real life and that sent my lady parts into a tizzy. Also this happened after I had been texting him, laying the groundwork for his participation in a MMF threesome with one of the party attendees, as he is also somewhat heteroflexible. [Previous episodes with #54: Episode 9 / Episode 17]

Anyway, with all this real life stimulation, there wasn’t much need for porn but of course I watched it anyway. It was a pretty consistent and heavy week for masturbation overall.

Porn links!
Meh, girl-on-girl bondage nipple torture

Nipple torture bondage thing

Amateur nipple licking that was pretty good but underwhelming

Rope bondage fucking, also underwhelming

Last resort breast massage