Episode 70: [QUICKIE] How I Got Off 9/23 - 9/29/19

Well I missed the orgy for this month; my roommate needed my assistance and so I spent the evening helping him instead… But! I did masturbate everyday — aside from one night of porn watching, I fantasized about specific scenarios at future orgies [details in the recording].

Saturday night an ex did pop up out of nowhere but I did not meet up with him which is probably for the best…

Besides those things, two different men asked for my assistance, one was looking for counsel and wisdom regarding sexual performance struggles and the other looking for me to humiliate them for money. These events brought up considerations of pursuing more official paid sex work, either sex therapy or domination, both of which would involve my first pursuing training. Future goals? Maybe!

Til next week

Porn links:
Some fun [and well-positioned!] guy giving oral
Some bus groping, fast forward to the decent parts and excuse the clumsy and unsexy methods of touching the men employ [it’s about the scenario not the specifics]