Episode 30: [QUICKIE] How I Got Off 5/5 - 5/11/19

Sadly no masturbation this week other than some foreplay stuff during partner sex on Wednesday. Let’s hear it for penetration! Anyway, so yes I got laid this week and that was a plus, but also complicated. Oh yeah, and after all the prep and planning, I had to cancel the masturbation party for Saturday night.

I’m on a new birth control which has fucked with my cycle and so I’ve been bleeding for well over a week which has curtailed my self-love inclinations considerably. A lot of it is practical concerns; I don’t want to get blood all over my sheets. I mostly beat off at night, which means after I cum, I’ve got to have my shit together enough to put some period panties back on which means no post-orgasmic drift into sleepytime for me. Also, as much as sex and masturbation are said to lessen cramps and other fun menstruation effects, I have less to no interest in getting off when my belly is burning with deep cramps.

But getting back to the mid-week sex; #54 was back, successfully cleared for service. I didn’t get off during the first round, but managed to in between the first and the second when I straddled his body and still-recovering cock and buried his face in my tits. Much hand and mouth stimulation later, I came quietly but still craving some deep internal orgasms. That happened later on the second go, his big and long dick doing it’s job from behind and below after I kicked things off with some Magic Wand action.

I mentioned the sex was complicated, and that’s really because I have two sets of competing feelings when messing around with #54. I’m extremely attracted to him, physically, chemically, but aside from that, I swing between compassion and nothing. There’s tangible sadness within this man and it’s a tricky thing to interact with when trying to get busy. He isn’t exactly emotionally available, so discussions about life and thoughts and feelings and circumstances turn dark and eventually flat because there will never really any resolution with him. It’s like having this beautiful gift in front of me that disintegrates when I touch it.

That’s all for now, Happy Mother’s Day

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