Episode 23: On Being A Victim Of "Stealthing," Part 1

Show notes:

A conversation with Jo about what it’s like being the victim of “stealthing.” And for those of you who don’t know what stealthing is:

According to Wikipedia: “…the practice of one sex partner covertly removing a condom, when consent has only been given by the other sex partner for condom-protected safer sex.”

  • We discuss having both recently been victims of stealthing

  • Jo describes the circumstances of the event, how things were with the guy before… and then details of the incident

  • She considers how her upbringing may have influenced her reaction

  • “Fight, flight or freeze”

  • Talking through the aftermath

  • Men who want families, the women who don’t

  • Is societal shaping of men a cause of such behavior?

  • The confrontation with her stealther

  • My experience with this type of assault

  • On being women who love sex, feminism, and carrying on after these events

  • What is the lesson here? Is there a lesson?

  • The piece I wrote about my own experience with this type of assault: I HATE THIS: “Stealthing, A Review”