Episode 22: [QUICKIE] How I, And All My Guests, Got Off 4/7 - 4/13/19

Show notes:

  • The morning after I finally slept with the (Dom) guy I had been dating — when the devices finally came out: suction cups, nipple clamps with bells, handcuffs, ankle cuffs with chain, blindfold

  • The days after…

  • The masturbation party — not my idea but something I was not opposed to exploring because I really enjoy watching men jerk off and I like to masturbate so…

  • The preparation, the anxiety, the scrambling to manage/maintain guest list

  • The arrivals, the start, the during, the finish (I used my Sexxxy Jams playlist on Spotify which was an excellent call on my part)

  • I was still so turned on I beat off another four times

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