“Property of Jan Debrukke”



It was the second time I had to ring the bell and my patience was running thin when I heard the familiar sound of you crawling down the stairs and I was thinking how the carpet would burn your knees as you raced over to me.

I always enjoyed the morning protocol. You would arrive naked after a shower and would be on all fours, in Position 1, like a show dog, as I inspected you. The rules were simple and you knew that if you abided by them all would be ok. I was not a demanding master, at least I didn’t think so. I just wanted things to be just so.

Firstly I inspected your teeth, I have a large, well looked after cock with a beautiful foreskin and I didn’t want it going in an unclean mouth. The inspection was over your gums with my forefinger to make sure they were healthy and then under your tongue and the back of your throat. That is a place where bacteria can develop and I was fastidious about dental hygiene. Then I looked at your hair, I expected it washed and cleaned daily as there was always a chance of me shooting cum over it and I liked it with a certain sheen. I then went down your back and pulled your ass apart to make sure your asshole was properly washed and to see whether it needed to be bleached more than once a month. I then ran over your cunthole, down the back of your legs and said “Position 2.”

You moved swiftly onto your back and with your legs and arms together I went over your nail varnish. The color changed daily and I would slip a card under your door each night to tell you which color to use. It was satisfactory.

“Position 3 Ellie please.”

You split your legs and I took my magnifier to look closer at your shaved cunt. It was beautiful, as expected. I had toyed with the idea of trimming your hair and dyeing it the same color as your head but there were several advantages of you being shaved, first, I really liked seeing you cunt covered in baby oil and second, on the few occasions when I’ve had to discipline for breaches of the rules I found the best punishment to be to order you up onto the coffee table on your knees but with your knees apart, body straight and your hands on your head. I would then slap your cunt. It made a delicious sound, gave you a sting rather than consistent pain and looked lovely in that, after several slaps at intervals your cunthole was not only bright red but you were also wet, so much so you had to lick my hand clean whilst remaining in the stress position. Best of all, unlike caning, it didn’t mark you permanently.

I then went over your muscle definition before you went on the scales for the daily weigh. As I said, I am not difficult and as long as you kept two pounds either side of your ideal weight I was happy. If you did not, you knew I would bring in another girl, Maggie, who looked after herself appropriately to fuck while you watched from your cage.

I walked through to the back room with you following half a pace behind me on all fours. I clicked my fingers and you mounted what I like to call my stand. It was a device that was cushioned but made out of steel and it allowed me to select and lock you into any position I wanted. If I wished to fuck your ass I could find the right level. If I intended to clean your teeth with my wet cock, likewise.

This morning, like every morning, I needed to paint you. I say paint, in effect it was coloring your ass, cunt and nipples in a matching color to your nails. I preferred to use a slim paintbrush as it was more delicate and allowed me into places that, were we just using lipstick, would smudge or be untidy.

I flipped back the lid and swept the brush over the brush ensuring an even color. A spreader bar kept your knees exactly 16 inches apart which gave me easy access to your hole. Once done, I did the same with your vagina from behind and then made you kneel up and finished with your nipples. A collar was then attached to you and the lead to that as I gave you a morning stroll around the house. I then took a small shrill whistle from my pocket and blew it twice. That was your instruction that my cock needed to be sucked. I remained standing and, on your knees, you undid my trousers and pants and kissed the head of my cock. I required you to suck me in a particular way, that is, to kneel, with your back straight and your arms behind your back with your hands and fingers pointing downwards. I then approached you and rubbed my cock before putting it in your mouth. You were not allowed to use your hands at all and would either suck and use your tongue until I came or I would forcibly rape your mouth. Today it was the latter. I held your head and thumped into you so much so that I was ready to unload very quickly, which I did.

House rules forbade you from swallowing. Instead you tilted your head back and kept the cum in your mouth and let me see how much was there. I spat into your mouth to dilute the thick White sperm and estimated that you needed a further 40ml more to fill you. As you remained with your mouth open, I went into the kitchen where I had already got four tubes of cum, each carrying 10ml up to room temperature. This reserve supply was chilled in the fridge and could be kept fresh for up to 7 days. I purchased it from a crooked doctor who worked at a fertility clinic nearby and I toped you up a tube at a time. When your mouth could take no more you spat the fresh sperm into a martini glass and I stirred it with my still wet cock and you drank it down in one. As cum had a calorific value, I made sure it was always your breakfast.

After, I explained that today was special and that I needed you on your best behavior as we would have guests. They were a couple I knew and they were coming to fuck you. You nodded and we carried on with our morning routines. There was a knock at the door around 11am.

“Position 1 please Ellie” I said, and let the visitors in.

There were in fact three of them, the two women were dressed in coats and the man in a suit. I took the coat off the younger woman who was only dressed in stockings and heels. She was perhaps in her early twenties but full grown. She looked Latina with olive skin, very large tits and shaved with profound cuntlips.

“Good to finally meet Jan. Isn’t she great? We call her Sasha and we’re really pleased with her. She’s our first and we couldn’t be happier. Apologies, I should have introduced my wife, this is Nikki.”

We kissed and shook hands and as we walked into the lounge but Mike held back and said “Sasha... stay” and she knelt quietly by the front door.


Written by: B

They both took a remarkable interest in you, complimenting me on the shape you were in and how beautiful you were.

“My only concern,” said Nikki “is that she had been purely in a male household and we have no real idea of how she will react to eating my cunt.”

I said there was no time like the present and Nikki removed her skirt and panties, sat down on one of the large chairs, tapped her hands on her knees and said.

“Come on baby, come to Mummy. You’ll like my cunt; Ellie come taste.”

She parted her legs rather dramatically and I led you to her on your lead and blew one low tone on the whistle. You were onto Nikki’s cunt and using your tongue on her as if you had been born to it, working your way around her cuntlips then up to her clit, pushing her back and then rimming her asshole. She was already breathless when Mike went behind you and slid a near perfect 11 inches of meat into your wet cunt.

“Bravo Jan, she’s perfect.”

After 20 or so strokes, Mike said “We’ll take her” as he spunked deep inside you and Nikki squealed and came like she hadn’t done in years covering your face with her juices.

This produced a reaction from Sasha who came running in but Mike quickly got up, took the belt from his trousers and whipped her over her back and ass.

“How dare you Sasha” he said. “How dare you, you fucking bitch, after all we’ve done for you.”

He apologized and said that the reason for the behavior was that Sasha was jealous but she was alone much of the day and needed company.

“Jan, just one other thing, Ellie seems to be marked, is that right.”

“Exactly so. Each fortnight I have a tattooist come in and write a comment on Ellie’s body, it is discreet but as you can see here is ‘cumslut,’ there is ‘sperm dump’ on her back and others dotted around her body. She has 12, all in Times New Roman size 11, it’s my favorite font for my favorite trainee.”

Mike, Nikki and I moved to the kitchen to finalize details and Sasha was called in and, after she had swung her leg up onto the side, ordered to clean up Nikki’s pussy and to make her cum again. We were still negotiating over money when Nikki closed her eyes and whispered “Fuck, fuck, fuck...” as the waves of orgasm came over her.

“OMG, I can’t split the two of them, I thought I wouldn’t get a better eating than the one Ellie gave me and then Sasha goes and ups her game. I have to have her. Mike, pay the man.”


Written by L. Stone Brooks

Mike looked me in the eye.

“You’re, not going to take less than £100,000 are you Jan?”

“No, I’m not Mike, she’s worth every penny, when did you last cum in less than a minute?”

Mike looked at Nikki and then at Sasha.

“He’s right Mike” said Nikki. “I’m guessing she’s got a tight cunt, am I right?”

“Very. But it’s in anal where she really excels... she’s also been getting 20 minutes each afternoon backing on to a bam dildo that suctions to her bed in an effort to train her to take a horse in her cunt. If you don’t take her, I’m pretty sure I can sell her to a farmer. If he can get 50 guys a time paying 200 bucks to see her suck and fuck a couple of stallions, she could pay for herself in a couple of years time.”

The deal was signed there and then. In exchange for a check, Mike was given a file containing all the personal details, the training schedule over the last half year and a passport, in case they ever wanted to sell you on abroad.

I told Mike that you would be 10 minutes and he took a small case with a few of your possessions to the car. We said our goodbyes, or should I say I said my goodbyes and I saw just a single tear in your eyes.

A few minutes later I was alone in the house. I missed you but having bought you for only £10,000 when you were young, it was an excellent return on the money.

Several days later I received a call from Mike and Nikki to say Ellie had absconded. They would not say why but suspected she would return to me. The following morning you were curled up on the doorstep in a fetal position wearing just a coat and shoes.

I brought you in and got you warm, I could see that not only had you not been fed you had taken a bad beating. Your eye was closed, lip cut and there were cuts down your body and belt marks on your ass.

You needed a bath, rest and a doctor. Thankfully, the man I always went to in times of trouble, who had a bitch of his own, came right over, stitched some of the deeper cuts and suggested some sedatives.

You were in bed for 2 days. Once you had recovered, I rang the bell one morning and you came down the stairs into the main room and adopted Position 1. You had a spring in your step and seemed happy.

“Ellie I need to tell you something.”

Your face dropped and you bowed your head. You feared I was going to send you back.

“I have a new boy named Chester starting tomorrow. Would you like to stay with me and we will train him and others in the future.”

You smiled and said “Yes Master.”

“I expect Chester to be a bit of a handful, he was abused when he was younger and needs discipline but moreover, he will need to fuck maybe 6–8 times a day, as well as getting wanked off regularly. Is that ok?”

You nodded again and I knew that you would never leave.

The next day my tattooist arrived and I gave him the template for the work I wanted him to do just above your cunt. It read: “My name is Ellie and I am the property of My Master, Jan Debrukke, whom I will honor and obey until the day I die.”