“Our Secret Sunday”



I met "W" at a restaurant for brunch one Sunday in November. We had been exchanging dirty emails for the last few weeks, including some dirty photos. She contacted me originally on Fet[Life], having been following each other's profiles for a while. It became clear quickly we were simpatico and intrigued by each other. She is a poet, in fact has established herself in academia, after she left her husband many years ago to live a lesbian lifestyle. But after many ups and downs she is comfortable now calling herself bisexual. And, as I found out during our exchanges, she really, really loves cock.

She lives far away but she wanted to meet. She came to NYC and got a hotel room for a weekend (she used most of the time to do work). We agreed to meet at a restaurant for brunch. She warned me she's not usually inclined to fuck on the first date. So I understood things might not happen. That was okay.

We met. We were both a bit nervous and there's the usual strangeness of seeing someone in real life whom you've had online experience with. But we liked each other. And conversation was mostly about art, poetry, songwriting, film. After we'd finished eating she said, "I don't know. I like you, but I don't feel any sexual charge at the moment." I didn't push. We agreed to walk back to her hotel, a mile or so away, and see how we felt. We talked about our sexual and romantic histories as we walked.

We got to the hotel and wanted to continue the conversation. She agreed we could go to her room but "we both know what is not going to happen, yes?" I agreed, I'm always a gentleman (except when I'm not). We went to her room, with a spectacular view, and continued the conversation sitting at a table, two chairs facing each other.

The talk became more sexual and more open, about experiences and desires and lovers. The conversation was getting hotter, so I said, "I'm getting aroused." She said she thought I might be. So I asked, "Would you mind if I play with myself while we talk?" She said that would be fine. I opened my pants but kept my underwear covering everything. I teased her by not letting her see my cock, just the outline of my erection bulging through the fabric. She looked and smiled and said, "You do have a beautiful cock." I could tell she wanted to see it in person (she'd seen photos). But I waited. Teasing her. The talk continued.

As the conversation grew more heated, more about experiences, especially her lesbian ones, I finally pushed down my underwear and let my very hard cock out from its confinement. As my cock jumped out, standing straight up, she leaned over to get a good look. I heard her gasp softly. She kept staring at it. Which made it get even harder. Rivulets of pre-cum dripped out of the tip.

After a while watching me masturbate she suddenly said she would let me see her in her high heels. I had told her in our emails I wanted to see her in high heels and nothing else. So now, since she'd brought them, she decided to give me a treat. She put on her high heels and took off her dress. She stood in her bra, panties and black high heels. She pulled down her panties so I could see her pussy. Mmmm, it looked yummy. Then she pulled the panties up again. I told her I wanted to see her breasts. She took off her bra.

Then she said, “You can feel how wet my pussy is.” So I reached over and felt my finger slide into her wet cunt. She was very aroused. But she was still adamant we would not fuck. I pulled my finger out and licked the wetness. Mmmm, she had a tasty pussy.

I was stroking my cock as she put on a light kimono, leaving her breasts exposed. She removed her panties again and sat across from me, just kimono and heels. She watched me masturbate as the talk turned to poetry. I recited some of Edna St. Vincent Millay. We discussed a song I wrote that I'd sent her, that she really loved. Then she read me a recent poem of hers while I stroked my cock. She would look down every few moments to see more of my cock, then look me in the eye, then continue reading. I told her how much it turned me on to have her read her poems to me while I did this. I told her I loved the idea of her fucking me, lying on my back while she was riding me and reciting her poetry.

She said no, we won't do that, but we can do this: she proceeded to touch me, my chest, my thigh, my balls. Her fingers brushed against my crotch. I then told her I wanted her to press her shoe, her black stilettos, against my cock. She placed her foot on my lap. I took her high heel in my hand and used it to pleasure myself while she watched. I felt more pre-cum drip out. I took some on my finger and rubbed it onto her ankle. She gasped again.

Then she said, “You can feel how wet my pussy is.” So I reached over and felt my finger slide into her wet cunt. She was very aroused. But she was still adamant we would not fuck. I pulled my finger out and licked the wetness. Mmmm, she had a tasty pussy.

We kept going like this for a long time, teasing, pushing boundaries a little bit, getting closer, then backing off. At one point she place her head on my thigh and breathed in the aroma of my crotch. She said she loved my smell.

Then she asked if I'd like to lie down on the bed and cuddle naked. Of course, I said yes. I took off what remained of my clothes, she dropped the kimono, we lay down on the bed nude. We cuddled and kissed and rubbed against each other. I sucked on her nipples — she gasped again. Then I slid my hand down and fingered her pussy. I started finger-fucking her with my middle finger. She was aroused and moaning. Then she asked, "Can you use more than one finger?" So I slid another — two — inside, fucking her with them. Then three fingers. Then four. Then thumb. I had all five fingers inside going up to my knuckles. I was almost fisting her. I couldn't get beyond my knuckles, so it was just five fingers fucking her cunt. She was writhing with pleasure.

I finally stopped and we cuddled some more. She stroked my cock with her hand, giving it a few licks. Then I instructed her to lay face down. I got on top of her and started rubbing my cock against her ass, thrusting between her cheeks, humping her butt. I felt myself getting closer. I quickly asked if I could cum on her, she immediately said yes. So a few more thrusts and I could feel myself getting there, closer still, moving faster and pressing down harder, then finally a few more thrusts and I began ejaculating, the spurts of cum flying over her ass and lower back, my voice moaning and grunting, my cock shooting loads of cum all over her and me. When I finally subsided, I lay on top of her quietly, letting my mind and body have their peace. We lay there a puddle of cum between us. Then I slid off her and we cuddled some more. Finally she said, “Let's take a shower.”

We took a shower and soaped each other up, kissed, hugged. Afterwards we talked a bit, then agreed to go out for a drink. We went out on the street and walked a few blocks until we found an Irish pub. I had a coupe of pints of Guinness and she had a cocktail. We had a lovely chat. Then it was time to go. We kissed goodbye and she said, "I feel like next time we can go further."

And next time, we did.


As confirmed by the author, this “really happened, not a fantasy.” And even better, “W” has written her own account of the event… stay tuned!

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