Episode 63: Listener Questions And Comments

This one is all about you! At least it is if you wrote me or commented on something or otherwise engaged…

Here are the categories and questions/comments I cover in the episode:


  • Have you ever played one of those sex simulation games?

  • Could i be nude bound and displayed while you interview me?

  • I feel as though there is a very negative stigma around pegging and that alot of guys dont feel comfortable trying it as a result (at least in my experiences) , but do you find/think that alot of guys actually do try and enjoy it?

  • Your podcasts are just awesome - will we see any video footage?


  • Deep throating

  • Choking

  • Forced sex or rape fantasies

  • Age-gap scenarios

  • Sex in illicit relationships


  • What are your thoughts on sex trafficking and porn?

  • Do you want to be restrained like in the porn clips you watch?

  • [from multiple sources] What do you think of this porn clip


  • Would you be interested in a guy who has a big dick but also chubby?

  • You should interview a little person about their sexual experiences. Would you have sex with a little person?

  • Hello I’ve recently been listening to your podcast and I like it - I’m very sex positive, I’m a sensual man. Like you, I seek higher and better orgasms although I have been kink shamed in past relationships and turned down for having a high sex drive but I’m dealing with that - here is my issue, your podcast says it is sex positive and non shaming yet I’ve heard you speak in a negative way of men not having a big dick isn’t that shaming?  Isn’t everyone positive in their own way? No one is perfect, u call urself a size queen ok but all the positive podcasts I hear tell me size doesn’t mater - if anything this is why guys send unsolicited dick pics cause either it does or it doesn’t.

  • It really makes me sad that you are so negative about breast implants and augmentations. Women and men get implants for a variety of reasons- some medical, some aesthetic.

  • Preference is politics. Almost always. It's very hard to find a preference that doesn't have a political reality lurking underneath it. Thoughts?