Episode 67: A Mother Of Three Opens Up About Opening Her Marriage

What is it really like to open up a relationship? What does having kids do to your body, sex life, priorities, and marriage? How does sexuality evolve over a lifetime?

Today’s interview with Jamie, a mother of three and wife in a 22-year marriage, opens up about the good and bad realities of all these experiences and choices. We discuss:

  • The notion of promiscuity changing from childhood to adulthood 

  • Biology and experience as influences on sexuality and sex drive

  • Post-partum. The effects of having children; the difference in experience for a new mom versus new dad, the relationship dynamic changes, the biological changes

  • Sexual compatibility as a matter of shared sexual values, not just sex drive

  • Getting older and becoming more adventurous not more boring

  • The process of opening a marriage, and the evolution of exploration

  • Fantasies, outside communications, research, discussion, experimentation

  • The aftermath of opening a marriage

  • Life now; reflections on the marriage, motherhood and sexual curiosity