Episode 60: [QUICKIE] How I Got Off 8/19 - 8/25/19

So I went to my first orgy this past week. It happened Wednesday; there was a lot of nervous anticipation, a lot of lingering thoughts afterwards, and I will definitely attend again, if not host one myself.

I’m not going to describe it here, you’ll have to listen for the juicy parts, but know that I will be writing a detailed account in a new piece titled “Baby’s First Orgy,” coming soon.

Aside from that specific sex bonanza, I masturbated later that same night, my mind aflutter with dirty thought and memories, and then again the next day. On top of all that, my favorite mutual masturbation partner came over and I told him about the happenings while we beat off together…

The next day I went upstate to visit my mom for the weekend so no sexy activities occurred past Thursday, yes it’s very sad.

Until next week!