Episode 52: [QUICKIE] How I Got Off 7/22 - 7/28/19

Well this week was a first: I got so hot and bothered putting the porn links together for last Monday’s show that I beat off to them right after I finished recording! Plus one more that came up that day… see below for all of the clips from last week plus the new one.

Speaking of those clips, one commenter took issue with my included “reviews” in the text of the porn links:
Aine: “It really makes me sad that you are so negative about breast implants and augmentations. Women and men get implants for a variety of reasons- some medical, some aesthetic.

I was intrigued by your project(s), but I feel that I cannot subscribe due to the “fake tit” negativity.”

Brianne McGuire: “Please understand that these are my personal aesthetic and sexual preferences and not judgments or condemnations. I prefer real tits to fake, big dicks to small, black women to white, brunette people to blond, average build to skinny/heavy, etc...

I'm sorry that what I shared saddened you, but we are each entitled to our own opinions and feelings about what is attractive or arousing. I'm sure your tastes differ from mine, as is true for nearly every individual.

I do appreciate you sharing your feelings with me here - would you be interested in doing an interview and we could discuss all of these things for the podcast? I would love to know more about you and what you are into...”

So! Let that be a call to action for Aine or any other person who disagrees with me about whatever — let’s talk about it!

Other than that, I photographed two more gentleman for GRAPHICPAINT and both masturbated but did not finish. I was a busy bee and sleep-deprived nearly every day and night this past week so while I had my toys all washed and ready, I passed out before I could use them each and every day.

I have been considering intentionally using the one dildo-dildo that I have as it’s intended, i.e., stuck/stationed on the floor or wall and moving against it or up and down or whatever floats my boat. I hardly ever use it that way only because I prefer laying down, it being before bed and all. We’ll see! I’ll probably put it on the floor so I can position myself close enough to the wall for nipple contact. Anyway!

Till next week…

Porn links:
NEW one! Can you guess of what?
Bisexual 3-way / MMF, underwhelming / not particularly believable or hot
Amateur cuckhold threesome, decent except for fake tits
Cunninglingus close up, not believable / meh
Another pussy licking close up, not my preferred technique / hard pass
Restrained lady getting manhandled, yes! but ugh fake tits
Japanese nipple stuff, yes!
Amateur nipple play, decent but awful music and too close up