Episode 50: [QUICKIE] How I Got Off 7/15 - 7/21/19

So much porn! Well, at least on Monday [see below for links]

The very next day I wound up playing with a real-life person! One of the recurring dudes from the masturbation party — good times were had by all but still no penetrative sex…

Next, I continued photographing erections for the male body series I’ve been working on. Saturday I shot a gentleman who I’ve been in touch with for a while; captured the before, during and after while playing the selection of porn clips he had sent me prior to his visit.

The rest of the week was occupied by work and then yesterday I celebrated 7 years of sobriety! Also! I appplied to lead a panel at the SXSW conference; proposal idea: “Using Sex And Porn Online To Change The World IRL.” You can view my newbie-made, quick video accompaniment if you promise to be kind.

***REMINDER: This week is the official start of regular episode publishing every Thursday [instead of Friday]

Porn links:
Bisexual 3-way / MMF, underwhelming / not particularly believable or hot
Amateur cuckhold threesome, decent except for fake tits
Cunninglingus close up, not believable / meh
Another pussy licking close up, not my preferred technique / hard pass
Restrained lady getting manhandled, yes! but ugh fake tits
Japanese nipple stuff, yes!
Amateur nipple play, decent but awful music and too close up