Episode 41: "Alotta" Experience, Love And Acceptance

An interview with Lotta, also known as "Alotta” on FetLife…

Lotta identifies as both pansexual and a sensualist so we talk first about what these words mean to her and how they represent her identity. Also how that identity formed through early exposure to the LGBT community and an incredibly accepting open-minded and accepting family. Re: sensualist, Lotta is not into pain but into all aspects of sensory pleasure…

She is poly / non-monogamous, but “non-slutty” and focused on love. In fact, many of her relationships may be intimate and loving but not inclusive of sex. She enjoys watching her partners have sex with other people, and is known among friends as a bit of an “instigator.” Lotta grew up in a non-monogamous family and community and open relationships were the norm.

Unsurprisingly, she is open with her family about her interests and relationships, as they seem to be with her.

We dive into some specific interests and how they manifest in her activities: age play, doctor/patient play, needling, etc… Lotta also identifies as a “humanist” and is accepting of all people regardless of how they present. Her endless compassion, coupled with experience caring for elder relatives with disabilities, developed into a role as caregiver and nurturer, both personally and professionally.

We discuss all of the many ways she has been intimate and exploratory with her sexuality and love, as well as how and why she has brought these aspects of herself into her work…

With all of her experience, is there anything left to try??

***Lotta and I are making plans to meet in real life! Stay tuned :)

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