Episode 32: [QUICKIE] How I Got Off 5/12 - 5/18/19

The week started off with high hopes for some freaky shit and ended with none… I was scheduled to attend a private orgy on Wednesday, however, after the combination of not receiving the email with the location and the unexpected emotional fallout over recent political events relating to the legislation of women’s bodies, I wasn’t exactly in the mood. I took the email mishap to be a sign for the universe that my time was in fact, NOT best spent fucking a bunch of probably mostly white guys, and decided instead to mope, write, cry and eat.

The silver lining of the orgy disappointment is the increased motivation to organize my own. I’d much rather participate in one of my own making anyway and I’m already hosting sexy sex events anyway so why not move up the timeline for this particular theme?

Anyway! No porn this week either but I did beat off over twice; once inspired by a very brief text check in with the gentleman from Friday’s episode: Mutual Masturbation With #57, and once inspired by boredom? I actually can’t remember just that it was satisfying and I was surprised my dildo was not more covered by creamy pussy juices after since it felt like a gusher.

Till next week!