Episode 20: [QUICKIE] How I Got Off 3/31 - 4/6/19

Show notes:

  • So I had a real life partner this week: #56

  • ***Line being drawn that this [QUICKIE] episode series will not be a matter of “reviewing” any partner, merely a matter-of-fact description of events. Ok maybe some review. Also I may change my mind.

  • The week started out with me thinking the real-life sexing opportunity was lost given scheduling challenges, but found out mid-week that overnight plans were on for Saturday

  • According to my phone, no porn. I think I accidentally closed some tabs and lost that data but maybe not?

  • Adapting to new batch of sex toys, certainly a better state of affairs than before

  • Relied heavily on fantasies this week to motivate masturbation, anticipation is a powerful thing [new partner, potential for a night of being dominated, etc.]

  • The best part of the real-life sexing [specific!]