I LIKE THIS! Neutrogena Spray Sunscreen


All right so it's the end of the summer already and the timing of this review is shit in terms of usefulness but! prices are probably rock bottom BECAUSE it's the end of the season so, you're welcome.

Spray sunscreen gets a bad rap — the chemical propellants blah blah and also that it's self defeating because you're supposed to rub it in afterwards or something? And also that you're paying more for less because of how much sunscreen is wasted being sprayed through the air and on and on... These things may or may not be true and/or valid points but I don't give a fuck. As a person who lives alone and has healthy concerns about skin cancer, I need help getting sunscreen on my back which is why I use spray sunscreen. Through the years I have tried multiple brands and the sprayers have always been fairly shitty and I've never quite felt truly protected but honey bunny that's all changed. 

I was standing in line at Nordstrom Rack to make a return from an online order and I was checking out the impulse buy offerings all around the customer path just like the store designers intended. Cute hair clips I had to ignore because I have no hair, adorable travel-size rose water sprays, some candy, and then I saw it: Neutrogena Spray Sunscreen [NEW FULLREACH DESIGN]. It had this clever-looking long spray lever and I thought yeah that shit looks like it would work just right. I wound up passing on the purchase because I was just about to leave for my Jordan/Lebanon/France trip and I had so many other, more travel-friendly sunscreens I needed to use up before buying yet another sun product. I realized later when I finally purchased this item, that the top also has a well-functioning lock and it was in fact the most travel-friendly sunscreen I could have purchased [not counting its volume which is too big for a carry-on] but now I know for next time.


Skip ahead to mid-July when the Amazon Prime Day thing was about to happen and a whole bunch of stores were plotting ways to compete and hopefully out-sale the internet giant. Now I have an Amazon Prime membership but I have long questioned how practical it really is and so I was eager to avoid getting suckered into purchasing anything on their stupid Prime Day. Well hello Target coming in to save the day with a '50% off all health and beauty items' event! At least I'm pretty sure it was 50% off... anyway! I filled up my cart with my favorite toner that I put in a mini spray bottle and use to fend off bacne, added a snail sleep mask, some makeup wipes and then I saw it again — the same Neutrogena spray sunscreen! Bammo I put it in my basket, checked out and successfully ignored Amazon's crap fire sale.

Now I'm not much of a beach person, I don't wear skimpy clothes and I no longer play softball in the park thus I don't find many reasons to put sunscreen on my back in any given summer and it took a couple weeks before I had the need to test my new wonder purchase. Well my friends, it was, without a doubt, THE BEST PURCHASE I'VE MADE ALL YEAR. The "new FullReach design" isn't playing around — it sprayed out a firm, consistent and wide spray exactly where I aimed it and covered my back in one shot. It also dried almost immediately so I didn't feel like I was missing anything by not rubbing it in. It didn't break me out, it wasn't greasy and I spent many hours that day barebacked in the sun with not a single burn or even tan lines. 

Hands down, this product is the best body sunscreen I've ever used. I am so impressed by the sprayer/handle/lock thingy I can't even imagine how it could be better. Truly a perfect combination of sunscreen formula and device design, PERFECT!!!