Stuff That Makes Life Good

The Food, Objects, Smells and Random Experiences Edition

  1. Post-Its

  2. Hellman's Mayonnaise

  3. Cafe Bustelo

  4. Light from a table lamp on a sunny day

  5. Staying up late

  6. Getting to the airport early before a flight

  7. The feel of freshly washed sheets

  8. Naps on the couch while Law & Order plays in the background

  9. The feel of cat belly on a bare foot
  10. Spoons
  11. Tiny spoons
  12. Butter + starch
  13. Grilled cheese sandwiches
  14. The mix of smells in the center of the Grand Central Terminal Market
  15. The smell of an Italian Bakery
  16. Giant butter cookies with sprinkles
  17. Peanut butter and vanilla ice cream
  18. The hummus at 12 Chairs 
  19. The first surprising thing that happens on a trip
  20. Shopping with my mom
  21. My dad's voice
  22. The smell of upstate
  23. Smoking the first Newport in a fresh pack
  24. Feeling good in my skin and my outfit and my shoes
  25. Belly laughs
  26. Ziplocs
  27. The perfect bite
  28. Hearing a song or piece of music that makes my knees weak
  29. Dancing fearlessly
  30. A day off with no responsibilities or obligations whatsoever
  31. Getting into bed exhausted after a long day
  32. Perfectly folded laundry
  33. Poached eggs
  34. Corned beef hash made from scratch
  35. New magazines
  36. Sunshine + breeze
  37. The sound of wind through trees
  38. Winning at cards
  39. Riding a bike down a hill all sweaty from riding up the hill
  40. Checking things a bunch of things off my to-do list