Tips for Traveling Like Me

  1. Be willing to go anywhere
  2. Pick your destination based on the best flight deal
  3. Select a return flight that leaves in early afternoon so you don't have to wake up crazy early and your hotel checkout will be the same time you have to leave for the airport
  4. Travel alone
  5. Talk to strangers
  6. Arrive earlier than necessary to the airport
  7. Walk everywhere once you arrive at your destination
  8. Nap
  9. Don't be afraid to stay in and enjoy the hotel you're spending money on
  10. Do intense research on accommodations and check reviews for info on the WiFi
  11. Go to the grocery stores in other countries
  12. Fill your suitcase with local foods instead of stupid souvenirs
  13. Go shopping at a thrift store so you can find something unique to remind you of the location
  14. Don't ever ever EVER eat at a chain restaurant
  15. Keep your spare foreign currencies for the next trip
  16. Make sure your walking shoes are cute and NOT sneakers
  17. Bring something nice to wear out to dinner
  18. Less is more when it comes to toiletries
  19. Check if porn is blocked at your destination and pack accordingly i.e., bring your vibrator but pack it so it won't go off unintentionally
  20. Invest in a good multi-port travel adaptor
  21. Don't bring more than one pair of jeans ever
  22. Bring more underwear and daily meds than you think you'll need 
  23. Pack ramen bowls in your carry-on for long flights
  24. Bring a water bottle to fill up at the airport and on the plane
  25. Pack an empty duffel for all the goodies you'll buy
  26. Never bring anything you would be devastated to lose 
  27. Always pack a sweater
  28. Put snacks in your suitcase so you won't starve to death if you arrive too tired to leave the hotel
  29. Just try to be where you are and don't plan or focus on sightseeing
  30. Order room service breakfast on your day of departure