I LIKE THIS! Uniqlo HeatTech Knee-High Socks

Not to be confused with normal height HeatTech socks…


I have a real love/hate relationship with socks, probably because I don’t seem to have the best judgment when it comes to picking out quality socks that look and feel good. Sometimes I find pairs I love, but then realize they’re just a bit too tight at the top and leave an awful mark and cut into the otherwise sleek [heh] line of my calf. Or, they fit perfectly, aren’t too thick or too thin, but I realize upon seeing them in my sock drawer that they’re kind of butt-ugly. Or, they’re perfect in every way and then get a hole in the toe after being worn once! Such was the case with my very first pair of HeatTech socks which is why I’m making the very important distinction that my love is directed at the knee-high versions.

What the hell is so great about these socks you may be asking? Well for starters, they are cozy as fuck. Here in the northeast it is cold as fuck, and being cozy as fuck is the ideal way to survive. I didn’t even realize how cozy they were until a couple weeks ago when I wore them under jeans instead of over tights and now I wish I owned more than two pairs so I could wear them every single day. They are thick (but not too thick…) and go right up to the knee. When worn under jeans, the warm and snuggly feeling of having my calves hugged in the soft, thick material is DIVINE.


The fabric feels durable and stretchy; I’ve washed them many times over the year or so that I’ve owned them and they still look smooth and hold their shape perfectly. And no holes! Also, even when worn for several days in a row, they don’t get baggy or stretch out — not that you should do that; be an adult and change your socks every day otherwise it’s disgusting! Anyway! It’s a nice surprise to see how well they are holding up and really making me regret how long I’ve avoided Uniqlo socks.

Those first socks I bought were purchased during the winter of 2012 in Beijing (it was REALLY cold and I needed to double up on my socks to survive walking around outside all day) — I was so disappointed I didn’t even bring them home. One day of wear and there were holes in the toes! Maybe those Beijing socks were a fluke? Who knows. Aside from the knee-high socks, I also own a couple ribbed pairs from the men’s department (which are pretty good too) which I took a chance on because I read a post somewhere online raving about the underestimated quality of Uniqlo socks and I gave ‘em a second chance. Also I was running really low on socks because of my aforementioned issues making good sock choices.

And then there’s the price: $9.90 for two pairs! I own the black versions, but they also come in navy and gray. I’m going to be sticking with the black because I wear black nearly every day (shut up I wear other colors too) and they go with everything. But you, you should branch out and try the navy and gray when you go out and get the black ones. Which you should because they are the best!

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