Taking A Stand Against Thanksgiving Turkey

You Should Be Eating Duck

Turkey is the worst. Why it has become the all-American method of holiday eating, I will never know. Even sticking strictly to the poultry family, the other options are all vast improvements over dry-ass turkeys. My personal poultry favorite: a fat-laden, juicy, crispy-skinned duck mm mmmm.

This year I was all set to boycott turkey eating yet again, settling in to knosh on an entire box of stuffing by myself and pass out on the couch. But then a friend confided that they had nowhere to go and bing bang boom, a full feast was planned. And so today: FOUR HOURS of prep, two people, two ducks, seven dishes.

  1. Root vegetable gratin, milk-free w/ rutabega, sweet potato, parsnip

  2. Baby bella mushrooms stuffed w/ pork and walnuts

  3. Mashed red potatoes w/ skins and yogurt

  4. Crispy duck

  5. Homemade duck gravy

  6. Garlic green beans

  7. Trader Joe’s gluten-free stuffing plus fresh herbs/celery/onions/duck broth

Take a gander (get it??)