What happened

Ok so truth be told I have no idea what the fuck I am doing.

In 2018 I quit a job I held for 12 years. I was a designer and now I'm not. Well I guess I will never really NOT be a designer, it's just not what I want to do with my life anymore. After months of teenage-era insomnia, roaming empty streets at 4am and bemoaning my discomfort, I finally decided to do something different. And that something is this. Or at the very least, this was the start…

I launched this site as a platform for writing, to make a habit of it, to feel somewhat legitimate. Somewhere along the way my motivation shifted from just writing to writing and ____. This space is now the birthplace of a soon-to-be subversive media empire. I want to enable other people to create the ballsy uncensored content I crave, content that I believe would serve us all well to consume more of. Whether funny, offensive, provocative or mundane, anything you find on this site will be honest; a fun experiment to see what kinds of crazy shit we humans can create. You should bookmark it now.

Also if you’re hungry for more backstory, here is the very first post.