Abortion Rights

Abortion has been legal as long as I’ve been a sex-having adult and the very real possibility that this may soon no longer be the case terrifies me on behalf of every American person with a uterus.

I had an abortion at the age of 19; years later when I lived with the father of that pregnancy, he would beat the shit out of me when he’d get drunk and angry. How fucking grateful I am to not have brought a child into that situation, to have the right to choose my future, to not carry to term, to finish college instead. And even if every circumstance had been perfect for having a baby, IT WAS MY FUCKING CHOICE TO MAKE AND I MADE IT.

It is SO EASY to take what we have for granted, even with all the things that have already been taken away bit by bit. When will it be enough for you to do something?

This topic is worthy of a much longer piece which I’ve already started; however, I did not anticipate just how upsetting this topic would be to revisit given the current political environment. I feel panicked and weepy and I’m grasping for actions.

So many horrific things have already come to pass as normal under this administration and this is not the first time I’ve been outraged it’s just the most personal. If I could take monumental action on behalf of every cause that broke my heart I would but so often the sheer amount of awfulness is overwhelming and I feel paralyzed. At this particular moment I am not.