A Tale Of Two Lids

I have cats; I buy kitty litter. Also I live in NYC so I don’t own a car and get everything delivered to my door via the interwebs to save myself from back-breaking trips on the subway. Tidy Cats is my litter of choice and I get gigantic containers delivered through a subscription with Target; sometimes the 35-pound [the best deal] arrives with a flat, single-piece lid, and sometimes with a partitioned living hinge in the top. It goes back and forth every time I get the delivery so I have no idea if I’m getting an old batch or if Tidy Cats is just fucking with its customers for shits and giggles by changing it back and forth. The point is this: the living hinge top is the bomb — it’s just so useful! Ba bam! Just flip it up and get new litter! With the other one it’s a whole production getting that thick plastic lid off the top and sometimes I break a nail. And I don’t even care about that shit. Except when it happens doing something stupid like wrestling with a lid that I shouldn’t be wrestling with in the first place because there is clearly a better option available! Yeah so I don’t know if my issue is with Target or Tidy Cats because this is an inventory issue but still, Tidy Cats: you should really stop doing anything but living hinge lids.