Hulu Original Series

Ramy and Shrill are amazing and I haven’t started PEN15 yet but that also looks bitchin. It feels like Hulu came out of nowhere with this incredible original content. For so long I was hating on them, the interface clunky and completely unintuitive, the limitations on the availability of current seasons and episodes, the price… These things still irritate me but when they throw in these hella awesome new shows it’s hard to stay mad. Though! Why Shrill was essentially a half season I don’t know cuz that shit was fantastic and most certainly deserved more episodes so WTF. Anyway, back to the aforementioned Ramy, a fucking emotional journey of a show! LOVED. Plus I always dig when the star is so involved in the creation and writing and direction of the show, as Ramy Youssef is. On a purely selfish level, it makes me feel like I’m really seeing into a person’s heart and mind so that’s great. And I really felt like that with this show; Ramy is heartfelt and honest and also inspired deep nostalgia for all the cities I’ve visited in the Middle East so far. But I digress, the point is Hulu is doing some good shit right now and you should be paying attention.